50-something man to friends: Have you heard about Twitter? It's a new way of communicating in short text messages. Each message is called a twoo… No, a tween. No, a twain. No, a twat… No, that's certainly not it. –Lobby, Off Broadway Theater Overheard by: another electric guy Guy with iPhone: I have to twitter! Does the girl with the room above the high line know she's topless? –The High Line Woman, while waiting for film to start: Joan Rivers just tweeted. –Chelsea Clearview Cinemas Guy on cell: All those food trucks? I'm not into them, but those fucking homosexuals follow them on twitter. –Waverly Place & MacDougal Overheard by: Sally Unassuming hipster with group of girl friends: Sometimes I drink just so I can tweet drunk. –Williamsburg, Brooklyn Middle aged woman dressed like a teen, hitting on baseball fan: Your cat could definitely have a twitter page. –F Train