Older gentleman on phone: I was just calling to ask if you wanted to make love to my nice, long, Lebanese penis again tonight. (pause) Yes, yes, 10 works for me. –45th & 5th Ave Overheard by: Morgan Mother, hissing to girl dancing exuberantly: You stop that! Stop it! Boys will try to sex you! Stop! –6 Train Station Girl on cell, yelling: He got soft inside me! That's, like, the worst insult ever! –23rd & 9th Girl on cell: Come over to the 7-Eleven anytime. I will fuck you! –Washington Square West Overheard by: David Fishkind Brunching woman to friends: We lived in Buffalo! We could have had sex on the sidewalk, but it was four years before we were engaged! –Brooklyn Overheard by: Alexandra