Teenage Guido on cell: The beer is staying in Marine Park. (pause) Yeah, we're going to Rockaway, but the beer is staying in Marine Park. In the alley. My alley! (pause) Yes! You don't understand English, dude! –Burger King Overheard by: Laura E. Guy on cell: I'm always skeptical of people these days who say they want to go out in the Lower East Side. That makes me think they went to Trinity or Duke, and that they suck. –S. Portland & Fulton Guy on cell: This is a superficial neighborhood. They'll only hire you if you're young and hot. –Hell's Kitchen Overheard by: didn't know my hood was superficial Tan guy to messenger guy: So what kind of gay are you? Park Slope gay? –23rd St & 6th Ave Guy on cell, triumphantly: We're in the Financial District, bitch! –Financial District