Postal worker to another: Oh, no, don't worry. You do what you want. It is impossible for them to fire you, girl. –Tompkins Square Park Mr. Big, sarcastically on cell: Is there anything else that I can do for you, honey, while I'm out making a living? –First Class Cabin, American Airlines Overheard by: Frequent Flyer Scruffy drunk hipster guy to frumpy drunk hipster girl: That's how girls touch me… at work. –Cobble Hill Brooklyn Guy on cell: I really need to give up drugs cause, like, no one will hire me. I'm gonna wait a few weeks and try to get a job at Food Emporium. –Astor Place 20-something girl to another: See, the thing with sweatshops is, at least they have jobs. –Chelsea Overheard by: arielle Well-dressed gay man to another: Doesn't she know the best part of her job is going through the OfficeMax catalogue to order matching office supplies? That should be the highlight of anyone's day! –E Train Overheard by: lk

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