Female college student on cell: Sorry, there was an incident. She was eating string cheese, and I told her she looked like a walrus. So she tried to smack me in the face but she couldn't, and I ran into the bathroom. So she tried to hit me with the string cheese, but I was like your string cheese will get all fuzzy. So she smacked me in the face with the cheese. –Penn Station Girl on phone: And then I stuck a string cheese in the microwave. Yeah, in the wrapper. –57th & 7th Sexy guy, looking at orchestra program description of movement "con brio": Does that mean "with cheese"? –Camerata Notturna Concert, W. 57th St Overheard by: Ladle Older European woman to another: She's fine with the reference to cheese. I mean, she can eat cheese, just not the real kind. –Union Square Hipster: So she writes everything down in her cheese diary… –Bedford & 4th