Guy wearing a promotional cardboard to another: I think I'm going to treat myself to health insurance next month. –Broadway & 43rd St Overheard by: Maria Woman on phone: My urologist wanted to stick a microscope up my urethra! (pause) No! (pause) Because it's going to hurt! –Vandam St & 6th Ave 20-something woman on cell: Yeah, the doctor told me not to exfoliate my labia. –R Train Overheard by: Note to self…. Bartender: I gotta get sexy for my doctor tomorrow. I'm gonna be like, "doctor, I need you to examine me. I need you to remove my garments." Nah… I'm just playin'. My doctor's cute, though. For real. I'm just gonna show some cleavage or somethin'. –Jamaica, Queens Woman on phone: She wants to be a doctor. She likes it when the guts fall out. (pause) No, she wouldn't do that. She's too lazy to be a serial killer. –Fox Newsroom, 6th & 48th Overheard by: Newsbunny