Woman on cell: And then he threw the wig and car keys at him, and to me, that says family! –West Village Overheard by: Kate S 20-something on cell: Yeah, I Rickrolled my cousin's Bar Mitzvah last night. No, he didn't get it, the sheltered little Short Hills prick. –MoMA Overheard by: Trevor Young guy in deli to friend: So getting support from my parents is like dealing with a record label. You have to create a buzz, make it seem like you're doing something, or they don't want to be involved with you. –Frank's Deli Drunk girl: That's my brother! But we're both only children. –Pieces Bar, Christopher St 30-something man to 30-something woman: When are we ever going to find a time when both of our parents aren't home? –7th & 1st