Tourist mom with mullet, trying to take a picture of cute five-year old boy: Stand by the testicles, honey. Stand by the balls! –Wall Street Bull Overheard by: oh tourists Suit to street vendor: You spend the money and get blue balls… –Astor Place Overheard by: Colin Guy on cell: Fucking shit! What the fuck? This fucking shit is fucking messed up! (pause) Whatever, mommy… just get me a large, it'll give me more room for my balls. –97th St & Madison Ave Big guy in chair on sidewalk to friend: So, I ate a pair of balls last night. Lamb balls. Hot and spicy. –Heath St & 231st St Overheard by: Km Ghetto man to Dunkin' Donuts cashier: Yo, how much is da balls? –W 148th & Broadway