30-something blonde in office attire on cell: You need to tell Vanessa that she can't be on the show because she's not overweight enough, and s not unattractive enough. –Whole Foods Market, Chelsea Syracuse University girl, going up escalator: I feel like I'm in Star Trek! (begins humming Indiana Jones theme) –Penn Station Overheard by: Mickey 20-something gaysian: Yeah, he watches Hannah Montana so I don't get why he makes fun of me for watching iCarly! –Washington Square Park Teen: I watched I Love Lucy last night. She's funny; she's like the Jim Carrey of the 1920s or something. –UA School of Music and Art 20-something preppy kid to mother: You know, they really should have a reality show about Midtown. –54th St b/w 1st & 2nd Ave Overheard by: Pedro