Subway girl in Halloween costume: I was thinking about going as Rosie the Riveter, but, like, girly Rosie the Riveter. In shorts. –A Train Trying-to-be-hip mom: What are vampires wearing this season? –Halloween Adventure Group of kids in costume, chanting: We want more candy! We want more candy! No more apples! No more apples! –35th Ave & 29th St, Astoria Overheard by: kathcom Man dressed up as Michael Jackson on Halloween: I'm the King of pop, man! I'll touch your children! I'll hang your baby off a balcony! –Downtown 6 Train Late-night Halloween-reveler man with dirty cotton beard: I'm Santa. I'm drunk and I'm angry. Fuck balls. Reindeer balls. –Downtown 6 train Guy dressed as Billy Mays, in loud infomercial voice: Billy Mays here! Sick and tired of waiting for NJ Transit? Next time, drive! For the low, low price of $20 per toll! Just $4.69 per gallon! –NJ Transit Overheard by: J. Ra Old man to another, about Halloween: I love young girls who dress up like pussies. –Soho Overheard by: Edan