Theater geek: So I was looking at auditions for this post-apocalyptic drama, and the ad said, "we're looking for men, all shapes and sizes. Actually no, you have to be ridiculously skinny, totally emaciated, on the verge of death. And… oh yeah, you have to have stringy hair. And be really bony. And my dad said, "you definitely need to try out for this!" –TKTS Booth, Times Square Overheard by: Not Emaciated Guy: No, I didn't do the graphics–I mean, the play's about Adam and Eve, but do they put naked people on the postcard to sell tickets? No, they have a cartoon of an apple. I don't understand. –Minetta Lane Theater Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster Bathroom attendant at West Side Story: C'mon, people! Short line, long intermission! (toilet flushes) Hear that? That's music to somebody's bladder! –Palace Theatre Overheard by: Maggie Audience member, at interval of Aida: Hey, this is better than Grease! –Metropolitan Opera Disgruntled usher: I swear by every god of Jupiter that these are your seats. –The Ambassador Theatre, 49th & Broadway Overheard by: The Moons of Jupiter Were Already Spoken For