Ponytailed girl on cell, excitedly: Maybe you have, like, bacterial vaginosis or something! Yeah! That would explain it. No, you don't wanna smell like cinnamon down there, cinnamon toast crotch! –86th & Lexington Girl, walking onto stinky train car: Oh, shit, yo! It smells like a whole mess of hot ass up in this piece. –L Train Loud singing teen, stopping in mid-song: Damn! Somebody smell like soup! –F Train Overheard by: bpm Smelly woman on elevator: I'ma kick that man's butt. I don't smell that strong! –Office Building, Harlem Overheard by: Liz Man: This place smells like venereal disease! –Port Authority Subway Tunnel Overheard by: Courtney Guy on cell: Who knows what I can do now that I don't smell like dogshit. The sky is the limit. (pause) Yeah, no more living in fear! –27th & 5th