Ghetto guy herding large group of rowdy kids off train: Scuse me, scuse me, scuse me! Lotta kids, they all ain't mine! –C Train Overheard by: Julie S. Professional woman on cell: I mean, she said she'd finally come to the place where she realizes her kids are shit, and she can just wash her hands off the whole situation and be done with it! –40th St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Rachel Receptionist to UPS guy: Shit, I got five kids, and they're all bad. –6th Ave & 47th Overheard by: thanks mom Angry woman, yelling on phone: Nigga, don't give me that "parenting role" shit! –Flatbush Ave & Park Place, Brooklyn Concerned mother: He's not even potty-trained, all he does is eat the toilet paper. –University Pl & 8th St Overheard by: Justin