White teenage boy to black teenage boy: She thinks I am a rapist or something.
(black teenage boy giggles) Which I am cool with, you know what I mean? –Bay Ridge Ave & 4th Ave Brunette Guido girl: Ohmigosh, you would love this girl, she's like, the only cool blonde person. This one time she was just like "Dude, can we just do the peace-and-love thing? Cause, I don't know how to fight." –LIRR Overheard by: whaaasgood Fashion intern: I had swine flu last year, before it was cool. –Cafeteria, Hearst Tower Overheard by: interns are our future Bike rider on phone, walking with girlfriend: I don't have his number, but you can call Tom* and go down there. Those guys are pretty cool. You can just go down there and give them a prostate massage. –Riverside Park