Young barista to another, peeling a banana: You like your women like you like your bananas. –Bedford Ave Man outside fry place: They don't sell watermelon here. I read the menu three times, and no watermelon. –Pomme Frites, 2nd Ave Dude on cell: Banana. Banana banana banana banana. Banana. –Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn Overheard by: Sarah Booz 30-something suit to another: If I'm hungry I'll eat a banana, but I can't eat more than one. Because bananas, like, annoy me. –Metro-North Harlem Line Employee: All natural mango juice, on sale for 66… no, 69 cents off the regular price.
(customer walks away, uninterested) Where do you think you're going? –Whole Foods Overheard by: Sac