Older gay guy on cell: In the 60s, you didn't need to have passion or talent to be an artist; you just needed to have a van, because no one else was going to haul your shitty art around. –7th Ave & 14th St Overheard by: Miss C Girl reading sign at Frank Lloyd Wright museum: Oh… He was an architect! –Guggenheim Museum Overheard by: Antartic Mom to little girl: If you look at too much art in one day, you'll turn into a statue. –MoMA Guy on phone: Yeah, she said she didn't think I would want to go, but why the fuck not? I'll go to a fucking museum if I fucking want to. I'll look at some paintings and shit. –Downtown Brooklyn Overheard by: Mark McLaughlin 12-year-old boy, looking at Picasso paintings: This is totally my thing, man, it's like free porn. –MoMA