Hobo: Everyone, please believe me, I had nothing, I tell you–nothing, to do with this rain! –6 Train Overheard by: thanks for that clearing that up Black guy sitting on stoop to white guy standing the rain: I can't offer you a warm vagina but I can offer you a dry haven. –1st Ave & 7th St Overheard by: D Dot Hobo to sky, as it begins to rain: You gotta do better than drizzling if you want to flood the Earth! We got murders and rapists down here! There are pedophiles and traffickers and thieves and liars and idolaters! I'm ready: I got the life goggles you sent me! (holds up scuba mask) Thank you for making me in your image, Lord. Amen. –24th St b/w Broadway & 6th Ave Overheard by: EmLo Man, as it begins to rain: Goddamn rain, man! Only in New York! –Park Place & Broadway Overheard by: Bo Vanderpants Woman on cell: Yeah, the weather is beautiful this morning. I'm strolling like a motherfucker. –Lexington & 90th St