Girl on cell: Sorry I texted you when you were giving birth. –27th St & Park Ave 20-something girl: I kept saying, "I emailed a text to him!" –Pub, 59th & 3rd Overheard by: Bluetoothed them a postcard 20-something girl correcting her friend's text message: No, you don't need an apostrophe there. It's "hos," plural, not "of or pertaining to a ho." –M15 Bus Overheard by: Lauren Guy with suitcase on cell: I sent him a text asking if I could stay at his place, and he said sure. I find out today he was being sarcastic. –116th & Broadway Student: Okay, it's 3:20. I think it's an appropriate time to text Ben and tell him I had a sex dream about him. –Sarah Lawrence College Overheard by: Anna