Mom to friend, as baby makes screeching sounds and bounces around in stroller: I swear I didn't do drugs while I was pregnant with her. But I did have quite a few raspberry martinis before I knew I was knocked up. –Belmont Park Race Track 20-something woman on phone: I need to slap that bitch. I don't care she pregnant, her face ain't pregnant. –Staten Island Ferry Overheard by: Mike Ghetto baby momma: And it was like I was giving birth on the toilet! –Belmont Ave & 188th St Overheard by: Toomuchinformation Doctor to patient: You're not pregnant, you just have gas. –W 204th St Overheard by: JMS Little girl on cell: Oh my god, I know! And I'm, like, "that's why you're fucking pregnant"! –Central Park