Young suit on cell while at bar with coworkers: Yeah, I'm still at work right now, I'll call you when I'm done. –The Dubliner Bar Overheard by: Keekz Young woman on cell: Hi, dad… Yeah, I'm in New York… Yes, I'm at Grand Central, I just got off the train. –JFK Taxi Stand Overheard by: Ilysse Weisenfeld Earnest man on cell: Yes, no, I'm driving there. I'll be there in ten minutes. What? That's a passenger. Ten to twelve minutes… Hello? I can't talk, I don't have a headset. –B Train Overheard by: Emily Skanky girl on cell walking down street at fairly slow pace: I'm like, running. –7th Ave & 47th St Overheard by: Serena