Girl, as friends individually dart across street: The drunks go marching one by one, hooray, hooray! –49th & 2nd 20-something blonde on cell outside bar: Are you drinking tonight? If not, I just want to see where you're at. Yeah, I'm drinking. I told you there's nothing I wouldn't do with you! –14th St & 1st Ave Overheard by: maria Girl on cell: I really miss being hungover with you. Some of my best moments were spent hungover with you… –Union Square Overheard by: winkinthecity Girl, getting out of car: Man, I can't drink no more, but I tell you, I feel fiiiiiiinnneee. (girl gets back in car, which drives away) –69th St & Narrows Ave Overheard by: Domi Youngish guy to youngish gal: Well, that won't stop her, she can drink through the window! –6th Ave & 28th St Overheard by: Eve