Average-sized woman on cell: He said "big boned." Yeah, "you're a big boned girl… Like your dad, kinda big boned." (pause) Yeah, so, I didn't really feel like eating much after that. –Queens Overheard by: bdlilrbt Girl to friend: I always think I'm a thin person, but then I look into the mirror and realize I'm not. –3rd & 13th Super skinny Japanese girl: I brought my juice with me. Then I ordered dessert. But my juice just looked better than eating dessert. –Downtown 1 Train Overheard by: dignell Middle aged women to friend: Yeah, we took her in for a few weeks. She was fine, but didn't eat much. But that's because she kind of has an eating disorder. (they burst out into a fit of laughter) –F Train Girl getting soda to friend: You know, it's the ice that makes you fat. I heard that somewhere. –Cafeteria, Marymount Manhattan Overheard by: Hannah