11 year-old boy throwing water balloon back and forth: It's like a hymen, perfectly intact after a minor rape! (balloon is thrown to him and bursts all over him) Oh, sweet hymen juices! –Tompkins Square Park Eight-year-old boy to another: God, just drink your spit! –90th St & 2nd Ave Drunk hobo with hand-down pants: I'm not going to ejaculate! (repeats it over and over) –D Train Overheard by: seat changer Blind woman to blind friend: Sweaty people suck. –W 23rd Street Overheard by: Cool and Dry Little girl: I don't like boys! They're mean and they sweat a lot! –2nd & Ave A Young girl to boy: Ewwww, I'm dripping cum! –Hester & Allen Overheard by: lower east side