Woman: Nothing says "ferry terminal" like fish with moustaches. –Battery Maritime Building Overheard by: Jon A. Guy in quiet, crowded elevator: Do you know if jellyfish reproduce sexually? –Google's NYC Office, 15th St & 8th Ave Overheard by: Derek Teen girl to friend: But your shrimp ate a fish alive? Is that what happened? I don't believe you. Shrimp can't eat fish. It's like part of a food chain or something. –Metro North Railroad Overheard by: Jessica S. Excited tourist girl among crowd of Chinese people: I can smell the fish! –Grand Street Subway Station Overheard by: Angelina 30-something female customer to H&M employee: Do I smell like I just ate fish? –H&M Overheard by: julia Really drunk girl in front of gallery: I would fuck him for lobster! –26st St & 10th Ave, Chelsea Overheard by: Charlotte