Sorority chick leaving a democratic rally where hillary clinton spoke: God, they all sounded so political! –Wagner College 5 year-old boy (to his mother): Is it true that obama's going to raise taxes? –Union Square Overheard by: Jen Woman on cell: I'm trying to find joe sixpack. (pause) no, I don't know joe sixpack. –98th & Broadway Several middle-aged, wealthy #40 something upper east side ladies at the dinner table next to us at a french restaurant, discussing politics. The last point on sarah palin: "her hair's fine, her glasses are fine, her clothes are ok but I'm sorry, she's a fucking loser." –Jacques Brasserie — Upper East Side Overheard by: Lindsey Miller Drunk girl: "if lil' wayne was president, things would be running much more smoothly." –E Houston St & Lafayette St, Overheard by: Teddy "my cousin said that obama is the antichrist."
"that's mad rude, right?" –M66 Overheard by: Charley