Blonde chick to friend: So I ran into that guy and confronted him. I was like, "why didn't you say hi to me last Friday? I know you saw me, but you didn't say anything. Listen, if you're going to sleep with me Thursday night, you can't just not say hi to me on Friday. I know it's common for a lot of businessmen to sleep with prostitutes and then ignore them the next day when they see them on the street, but they pay them. If you're going to ignore me, fine… but I expect a check in the mail." –Outside NYU Gramercy Green Residence Hall Overheard by: Molalala Girl to friend: Prostitutes don't have negative connotations. –Upper West Side Overheard by: anonymous Drunk 20-something male to two 20-something girls: Is it Jewish tradition to go to Amsterdam when you're 14 to get laid by a black prostitute? –14th St & 2nd ave Grad student to girlfriend: You know, it's funny. Before I met you, a skanky girl was just a skanky girl. Since we've been dating, when I see a skanky girl, I have to ask myself, "is she turning tricks?" –Uris Hall, Columbia University Overheard by: Wonders how they met Man to friend, about a woman hailing cab: Wow, she looks really expensive. –18th & 7th