Dramatically upset woman outside bathroom: I knew I had to pee before, but I chose not to! And now I'm facing the consequences! –La Lanterna, The Village Overheard by: Sunny Woman holding child: Does looking at the fountain make you have to pee? It makes mommy have to pee. It's only natural. –Bryant Park Guy to friend: No, seriously, I think I legit peed on that guy! –30th St & 9th Ave Guy on cell: No, I will not urinate with you! –The Met Woman in turtleneck to suit: I mean, people shouldn't only eat when they're hungry. (pause) Or go to the bathroom when they have to… only. That's like, bad for your bladder! –86th St & 5th Ave Woman on cell: I don't care about them. I don't care about their urine. I don't care about their office! –Court & Carroll, Brooklyn