Man screaming into phone: We've been having fun and fun and fun. The thing we ain't having is fucking sex! –Greenpoint Overheard by: LisaLisa Psych prof: Now, I don't know anyone who's ever died from not having sex. Maybe they tried to get some and failed in some horrible way that led to their demise, but I don't know anyone who's actually died from not having sex. (later) If you go on a starvation diet, which I don't recommend, be sure to drink water because, uh, you will die. –Barnard College Overheard by: High Aspirations Guy to friend: He's fucking 57 years old and he's still a fucking virgin. –W Broadway & Thomas Gay man to straight female friend: I haven't had sex in almost two years… I need to get a dog. –G Train Overheard by: Sunny