Black guy on cell: Broadway is all gays and Jews and frankly I am sick of it. –47th St & 8th Jewish son: I did not call the rabbi to have him check up on you! –Penn Station Overheard by: NosyMormon Suit on cell: Oh yes, I know all about you. You do crazy things. You eat rice on Pesach. –Fancy Restaraunt, 79th St Hobo: I bet if I put up a sign that said "hungry Jew," I'd be getting a ton of money thrown at me. –98th St & Broadway Old Jewish woman, exiting store with young woman: I know it's silly, but it was German. They killed six million Jews in Germany. I don't like to buy things that were made in Germany. –Queens 20-something girl to friend: That Jew laid the spank on her! –30th Ave, Astoria