Man in car at stoplight on cell: Yeah, so I grabbed a towel for my nuts and ran down the stairs. Yes, I covered my nuts. So I run down the stairs covering my nuts with a towel because I knew where the smoke was coming from! –127th & Lenox Street tough to guy in wheelchair: So you kicked him in the nuts? (shrugs) Yeah, word. –E 2nd St & Ave C Overheard by: Ben Couch Crazy man: Where's Howie? Where's my favorite nut-nut? –Hanson Place Overheard by: JBeck Dude on cell while riding bicycle: It's hanging off your nuts? –Williamsburg Mom 20-something daughter heading to Penn Station: Should we grab our nuts, at least? –7th Ave & 34th St Overheard by: Just don't grab my nuts