Older black man to younger black man: Yeah, cause you don't need to say you're from the Jers to pick up chicks, they ain't like that here, son. I mean, if she's mad hot then you can clue her in that you're from Jersey, but only if you think she can appreciate your flow… –Lafayette & St. James Frat boy crossing street: Butthole in New Jersey. –Flatbush Ave & 7th, Brooklyn Overheard by: Hunter Stoned-looking teen to friend: Are you from New Jersey? Maybe you told me, but I can just, like, sense it… –Union Square Overheard by: wgoddessw Guy to friend: Yeah, man, I was watching that show Jersey Shore the other night… Makes me glad I live on Long Island. –Penn Station Overheard by: Fistpump like a champ Stressed film major: You are going to give me that fucking power chord. Then I'm going to punch you in the vag. Then you're coming to New Jersey with me. –Tisch School of the Arts Overheard by: Bruce Lee