Cosmetology teacher: We do not do sterilization in this class. That is what they do in a medical lavatory. –Cosmetology Class, Astoria Overheard by: Kelsey Fat black teen shoving past white couple: I like how they ain't know how a say "excuse me." –Wilson ave, Bushwick Xerox repairman on cell: Yo, you sound like John Lecoozigamo! He's a comedian. Le-cooz-I-ga-mo. –132nd St & Cypress Overheard by: office drone Middle-aged mother with thick Staten Island accent on cell: Ronny, where are you?! We are standing outside and we are freezing the children! –New York City Transit Museum, Brooklyn Indignant thug to thugette: I told her we wasn't together. How did she know I'm with you? Did you tell her differentwise? –Q20 Bus Overheard by: Liza