Buff guy with tattoos: I wish I could just stop time and fuck them all! –42nd St Mime on cell: Who the fuck is this? –2nd Ave & 13th St Overheard by: Jesse D Man pacing back and forth on cell: Yo! What the fuck is up with your fucking friend Chris? He just smiled at me and said "I'm going to fuck your wife tonight," and walked away laughing. What the fuck is that all about? (pause) What! You're working a double tonight? The fuck you are! Fuck this shit! I'm coming to get you after I get off. –210th St & Bainbridge Ave Overheard by: Gutterlush Thug on cell: Lavender, potpourri… Whatever the fuck you want, they fucking got it. –Washington Square Park Guy on cell, angrily: Yeah, well, I never want to see you again because you're such a bitch. (pause) Whatever, fuck you! (pause) Fuck me? Fuck me? (changes tone) You wanna fuck me? (pause) Yeah, I wanna fuck you, baby… (pause) Yeah, okay, I'll be right back. –Chelsea Market