20-something girl to friend: I mean, my husband never asked me a direct question; so I never had to lie. He never said, "what were you doing today at 3 pm?" so I didn't ever have to respond,"screwing my new boyfriend in a Lower East Side apartment that we just rented." –Max Cafe, Morningside Heights Girl on cell: This time I'll respect the fact that you're engaged. –St. Mark's & 1st Overheard by: spead White guy to Asian guy: But no sex, because she has a boyfriend… But head is okay… –Washington Square Park Overheard by: GreenwichSandwich Man shouting on cell: I'm a spic?! Well, you're a Jew! Besides, how was I supposed to know you had a husband? –5th Ave & 90th St 30-something guy to another: So I asked this girl if she had any friends she could hook me up with and she responded with an emailed .pdf of names, pictures, phone numbers and a short blurb about each girl. The funniest part was this one girl, it said: "has boyfriend, will fuck other people." –Union Square West Overheard by: Brian