Hipster girl to friend: I told her it was the wrong kind of plaid. Not all flannels are equal. –Bowery & Bleecker Overheard by: but lumberjacks are supposed to be burly men! Hipster to another: And I was like "Do you want some nail polish for that camel toe?" –2nd Ave Overheard by: Shan Hipster guy singing to self in country twang: Whennnn am I gonna get me sommmme Ugg boooooots? –4th Ave & 13th St Hipster guy in eyeliner and mascara: I was being facetious… I would not wear leggings. –Jamba Juice, 13th St & University Overheard by: helenathegreat Hipster girl screaming on cell: I want you to want me to want to touch you! –Columbus Circle