Girl on cell: Yeah, the breakup was tough, but I'm feeling good about it now! (pause) Hell, yes, I'm dating! (pause) Yeah, it's an exciting time! So much suspense, so many questions! Will he call me? Whom should I choose? Does he like me? Do I have syphilis? –M4 Bus Overheard by: All good questions Drunk gay guy who just dropped lit cigarette: Shit! If I pick this up, do I have herpes? –Waverly & University Place Guy to friend: Nietzsche had syphilis… Why can't I? –G Train Woman at newsstand: Do you sell anything for herpes and cold sores? –W 4th St Overheard by: wow…i didnt kno they sold that her Gay man to girlfriend: Is Mr Syphilis coming? –24th & 2nd Overheard by: erkala