30-something woman on phone: Ma! Jesus, ma. I totally agree with you. (pause) Yeah, he told me to come over when the house was done. (pause) Yeah, fixed up. Jesus, ma. (groan) Yes. No! I'm not a slut. Ma! –Jackson Heights Overheard by: maria Teen girl to friend: I was living with my grandmother and my girlfriend was studying social work, I was sleeping with men at this time–but I wasn't a slut or anything. –Westside Tavern, 23rd & 8th Girl on cell: How many guys did I sleep with? Thirty, forty? –Pearl St, Brooklyn Overheard by: CAC Baby from The Glebe Father on phone with daughter: I didn't raise you to be a fucking whore. If I wanted you to be a whore you think I would've paid for your goddamn degree? –Washington Square Park High school freshman to friend: My Spanish teacher called me a slut! –61st St & Amsterdam Ave