College girl on cell: He told me he got in a knife fight with his dad, and I was like (sarcastic) "Yeah, okay! You got in a knife fight with your dad." (pause) But he probably did get in a knife fight with his dad… –Columbia University Girl to friend: Trinity is the school for kids from Choate who stabbed their roommate. –Clover Club Overheard by: Emily Girl to friend: I will cut you in your face with a knife before I put my hands on you. You feel me? –E 161st St, The Bronx Hamptons club girl: You mean I cut him with a razor blade and I don't even recognize him? –Outside East Village Club Overheard by: DJ 20-something girl, on cell: Oh my god! Who the hell gets stabbed in the back of the head at a flower shop? –Starbucks