Upper East Side crone: I just came back from Sudan, and there was nothing to buy there! –Gift Shop, American Folk Art Museum Hick obese wife to hick obese husband: Sometimes I like Wal-Mart better, sometimes I like K-Mart better. It depends on the day. –6 Train Overheard by: Emily Faxon Tourist lady on cell: No, I was in the store the entire time! I got 8 pashminas! –Canal St Overheard by: Canadian Girl Cheerful 10-year-old with cornrows to 30-something woman: This is a world famous store! So don't be surprised if you're still here at one o'clock! –Macy's, 7th Ave Asian girl, pointing to D'Agostino: Oh, that's D'Agostino. It's like a Japanese grocery store or something. –10th St & University Upper East Side mom: I shop at Target because I like to support out local businesses whenever I can. –62nd & 3rd