Girl: Lisa went down on me while I was on my period. I decided just to roll with it. –Frying Pan Bar Professor: Let's all go home and menstruate! My goal in this class is to get all of you on the same schedule. –NYU Overheard by: Leslie Upscale female suit on cell: I'm totally on the rag, but you can still lick my asshole. –Park Slope Overheard by: The Trooper Gay guy on cell: I'm so cranky, I feel like I'm a girl who's on her period and pregnant. –Park Ave & 29th St Big black guy, loudly on phone: Why you bitchin at me because I won't cleeeeen behind you? I'm not gonna clean your nasty period ass offa the toilet! (nearby people begin laughing) Bitch, even the people on the streets be laughing at you! –123rd St & Manhattan Ave