Blonde coed: After he finished yelling at me for a solid ten minutes, he's like, "So, do you want to be my girlfriend?" –3rd Ave & 11th St Overheard by: simon Middle school girl to boy: I don't normally get with sixth graders, but you're different… –10th St & 1st Ave Woman on cell: You are not listening to me. (pause) When you say whatever it is you're bitching about', I know that you are not actually listening to me. –Riverside Park Guy on cell: I don't treat you quite as bad as you say. –Amtrak Overheard by: Flooey Boyfriend, about girlfriend enthusiastically cheering on Colbert: Why don't you scream like that for me? –The Colbert Report Set Party girl to friend: So I asked my priest, and he said "I think you should see other people." –Park Ave & 29th St Overheard by: petey