Mother to four-year-old making loud, weird noises in stroller: Will you shut up? See… That's why you don't have any friends. –Supermarket, Astoria, Queens Overheard by: George O. Woman on cell: She put my friendship on the line for a Chanel bag! (pause) So I guess I'm worth like, $600 dollars. –Starbucks, Astor Place Overheard by: Kade Angry woman to man: You had to fuck my friend?! You couldn't think of a better place to put your dick? –Elevator, 75 Wall St Overheard by: Jonathan Seated guy to standing woman: I was out drinking with a friend. Well, less of a friend and more my parole officer… –L Train Overheard by: Bradburnside Suit to woman: I don't believe in friends, ya know? –22nd & 6th Overheard by: Edyna