Chatty woman: There were two lesbians, or transsexuals, or whatever you call it… –26th St & Park Ave Overheard by: Rose Fox Crazy shouting hobo: Lesbians are rapists! Lesbians are rapists! You stick your tongue in a pussy, you're a rapist! Rapist lesbians! Lesbians are rapists! –E Train Woman on cell: Of course I thought she was a lesbian! She walked like a dude! –Sunset Park, Brooklyn Overheard by: Laura Middle aged woman to male on train, in one breath: Scientists say that in 2012 the sun will line up with the milky way and change the axle on the earth and you know it is hard to be a black lesbian cause most of these women just get tired of men and have sex with a woman but that doesn't mean they are bisexual just because they have sex with men and women and they ain't really lesbians they just think they are cause they have sex with women… –D Train Overheard by: thomas Normal-looking girl to girlfriends: Do you know how many woman hit on me when I was in San Francisco? –Bedford & 6th Man on street: Does anybody need a lesbian lover? Because I'll get a sex change… –79th St & Broadway