Man on cell: Yeah, so do you know that show Dancing with the Stars? They got the idea for it from the camera in my shower. –6th Ave & 55th St Overheard by: Alicia Aging badass to lady friend: Yeah, I totally got escorted out of a Tom Petty concert for dancing in the aisles. –17th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Original Badass Black guy: Hey everybody! Stop what you're doing! There's two black guys about to dance on this train! That's something you don't see often! –A Train Flamboyant gay man to friend: You can't sashay in there. There's no room to sashay at all. –Outside LGBT Community Center, during Fur Ball Overheard by: pandarants Drunk Asian girl: It's always time to dance in North Korea. –2nd St & Ave B