Professor: Wake your honky ass up and listen to me! Yes, I just said "honky." Out loud. –Tisch School of the Arts Drug dealer to another: Why you sell to black people? Sell to white people–that's where the money's at. –Prospect Park Black dude to white girlfriend: If you think you're setting one foot on that boardwalk without putting on this SPF 45, surely you are out of your damn mind. –F Train Overheard by: EmLo Crazy black lady to white lady: This is a white man's world! I oughta shoot you in the face! –Duane Reade Overheard by: rudy STANTZ Youngster, after being shown trailer for John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy: Yo–that's like a white people version of the Biggie Smalls movie. –AMC Loews Theater, Kips Bay