Woman: I may be looking for one bed partner, but until I find him I'll settle for many. –Williamsburg Woman on phone: Shaquanda's a hoe. You can't turn a ho into a housewife. –St. George Ferry Terminal Overheard by: John Sorority suit to group of frat boy suits: I was in AOPi. They used to call us "AO cream pie." –53rd & Park Ave Overheard by: tommya Guy to friend: I ran into this girl the other day and she said "you don't remember me? You fucked me like last week!" so I said "girl, youse a hoe!" –1 Train Not-ugly Columbia undergrad outside Pi Kappa frat house: Come on, let me in, I'm a pike slut. Just let me in and I'll fuck you. –114th St & Broadway Bitchy coworker: She was sleeping with so many people that, statistically, someone had to die. –52nd & 6th Overheard by: simonfknyc