Meathead to another: I fuckin love cupcakes! –4th St & st Ave Guy to another, outside Irish bar: I love tools! –20th St & 5th Ave Overheard by: Andrew Bag lady on cell: Hey baby, how ya doin? (pause) I love you baby, I love you so much I think about you always, I'm the only one for you, baby. (pause) When you get out of prison you come straight to me, I love you so much. (pause) What? Listen, motherfucker, if you go to that bitch instead of me, I'll cut off your fuckin head and shit down your neck, you fuckin asshole! If you even go near her I'll cut your fuckin brain out! –107th St Voluptuous black woman: I love you guys, but I'm done with this fucking field trip. –Tribeca Guy to two friends who are not convinced: That's why I love that place! It was awesome! And it would have been better if they would have let us in! –Centre & Broome