Woman to child: Hold my hand, we're not in Staten Island anymore. –Park Slope Overheard by: Bella Crazy guy on bus: This is for the public! This is for the public! When's the last time you been to Staten Island? Seriously, when's the last time any of you been to Staten Island? Think about it! –N6 Bus Overheard by: not from staten island NYU girl to friends: I didn't know Staten Island was, like, a real island. Do people actually live there? –F Train Young Italian kid: Anywhere important in Staten Island has a Wendy's next to it. –Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn Overheard by: T.T. Late teens punk girl, loudly: Hell no, I'm not going to Staten Island… What the fuck is there? All they have there are young, unwed girls like you! –Walgreens