Male student to female student: I went over to her apartment, and she has all reusable, eco-friendly cups… So there I am, drinking out of what seems like a plastic cup, but with permanent lipstick stains! "No," I said to myself, "No, I am not doing this!" –St. Mark's & 4th St Greenpeace guy: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like nature? Where 10 is, like, you wanna live in a tree house, and 1 is like, you want to punch a panda bear in the face? –Bleecker & Prince Overheard by: Panda Bear Hater Teen thug on cell: Yo man, I told you, I don't fucking litter! I care about the motherfucking environment! –125th & Adam Clayton Powell Overheard by: hell's kitchenette Tourist woman: Honey, this plaque talks about global warming as if it's a fact! –Museum of Natural History Overheard by: Tim