Female #1: So… Yeah, did I tell you?
Female #2: Tell me what? Oh… About the date. Tell. Me. Everything.
Female #1: Well, it was cool and all, and he looks cute, but he was using coupons on the date.
Female #2: What kind of coupons?
Female #1: He had a coupon of the restaurant for a free dinner date for two for up to $70.
Female #2: That is fucking cool!
Female #1: No, it's not. It's embarrassing.
Female #2: Whatever, but then what happened?
Female #1: Then we went to a play but he had free tickets for that too. I don't know… I think he's poor, or unemployed or something… So I told him after the date I was uncomfortable and it was not going to work out.
Female #2: Listen, I'm going to be late to work but I gotta say you're stupid. I went through so much to get you that date. That guy is not poor at all. He owns like four stores. He's the only guy I know with excellent credit, single, no kids and you're an asshat. Call me later.
Female #1: He owns what?! –1 Train